XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Released in October 2012 on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games. Feral Interactive developed and released the game on the Mac OS X. It recreates the original 1994 XCOM classic for the next generation platforms.

XCOM - Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown also has an online multiplayer mode for two players.

The game features single-player campaigns with over 70 missions available. XCOM: Enemy Unknown also has an online multiplayer mode for two players.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown features an impending invasion by hostile aliens, with Earth’s governments forming a new fighting force called XCOM to combat this threat. As the leader of this unit, you have total control over your troops and support services.

You can devise your battle strategy in advance. Each player has a base of operations, where resources such as arms and equipment can be developed, then allocated accordingly. The skills of individual warriors can be cultivated. Your soldiers then enter the battlefield to take on the might of the alien forces.

Aliens can be interrogated to learn secrets and vital information. The player can then utilise alien weapons and science, turning their own technology against them. They face a large array of enemies, from the numerous Sectoids to the supreme leader of the aliens, the Uber Ethereal. Every adversary in XCOM: Enemy Unknown requires specific combat tactics in order for the humans to emerge victorious.

Fallen warriors will not be forgotten, as you can upload the names of the slain to the Memorial Wall on the official XCOM: Enemy Unknown website.

Downloadable content is available for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Elite Soldier Pack adds two new classes of warrior, inspired by the original XCOM game. It also offers further customisation for individual soldiers. The Slingshot Content Pack adds new missions, soldiers and customisation options.

A free demo of the game is available for download via the official XCOM: Enemy Unknown website. It is hosted by Steam, a website which allows you to download free games from a variety of developers. Other titles such as The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct are also available for download at various prices.

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