Bioshock Infinite

Due for release at the end of this month, Bioshock Infinite is anticipated to be one of the gaming highlights of 2013. The latest instalment in the popular franchise will take players away from the familiar underwater city of Rapture and into a new floating metropolis called Columbia.

Like the first two instalments, the story and design of Bioshock Infinite will be integral to the gaming experience. Although the story of Rapture concluded at the end of Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite is heavily influenced by its predecssors. The unique, steam punk inspired aesthetics of the series are clearly evident in Bioshock Infinite as the floating city of Columbia is full of mechanical, futuristic gadgets and inventions. The history of the ravaged city will again be revealed to players as they play through the game and, like Rapture, Columbia is a utopia which has been ravaged by manic, genetically modified enemies and creatures.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite has unique gameplay features that set it apart from typical shooter games.

As well as having a thought-provoking and immersive story, the Bioshock series was also acclaimed for its unique gameplay. The first Bioshock added an interesting twist on the first person shooter genre as players were given special attacks like telekinesis and hacking by using ‘plasmids’. Bioshock 2 expanded these gameplay elements further by allowing players to set traps and wield even more powerful weapons as they played as the antagonist ‘Big Daddy’ character from the first game. Like its predecessors, Bioshock Infinite has unique gameplay features that set it apart from typical shooter games. Exploration of the game’s environment will heavily rely on a unique grappling hook gadget which propels players around the floating city and allow for exciting, roller coaster-like action set-pieces. Players will also be able to open tears in the fabric of space time to pull out gadgets and weapons from the future to aid them throughout the game.

Gamers who have pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite on Steam before its 27th March release date will be able to download free games. Offering a ‘pre-purchase’ deal, early orders will also receive a free copy of Bioshock, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and exclusive Bioshock Infinite items for Team Fortress 2.

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